The Essence of Finance

No financial statement will ever be a mystery to you again! This course will teach you how to understand all financial overviews, understand the goals, how to realise them and learn which goals are privately opposite!


What will you get out of it?


You will learn to understand all financial overviews and will be able to retrieve vital information out of the reports you read.


Financial overviews and the goals will never change. Once you understand the principles, overviews and goals you can apply them for the rest of your life.


Understand the goals financials are striving for and have knowledge about, those goals that are opposite to your private situation.


You will be a better professional because you will combine your own speciality with the financial knowledge you acquire and by doing so improve the decisions you take.


Goals can only be realised if actions are taken. During the e-learning you will create your own action list with improvement options.


Understanding financials and realising goals is a prerequisite for all management positions. You will increase your career opportunities greatly.

the truth

Finance is hell!

  • The most boring hour of the month? Discussing the financials in the management team meeting every month……
  • Entire booklets full of numbers with no information at all.
  • If I apply my common knowledge to the financial tasks we get, it makes absolutely no sense.
  • OPEX, CAPEX, EBIT, EBITDA, Profit, Revenue, Margin, a thousand different words and in every company I have worked they had a different meaning.
  • The financial side only looks at risks and calculates everything until it is dead.
  • Funding is never available for my ideas. Making proposals and not receiving the approval for an obviously perfect project.

Finance is a structured concept in a special language. This e-learning will enable you to use finance to your advantage!

This e-learning is based on decades of controlling experience and training thousands of professionals

    • The value cycle explains and structures the three financial overviews that exist: the profit and loss statement, the balance sheet and the cash flow statement.
    • Not only the overviews but also their goals, what do financials strive for?
    • Why are professional goals opposite to personal financial goals?
    • How can you handle all financial overviews after just learning three?
    • Analysing financial overviews to generate knowledge and decide on actions to improve!
    • Working on proven examples to see the impact of an action.
    • Fun?? Yes finance can be fun! This e-learning is not only hard work. There are anecdotes, examples of a pie and a party and even some jokes!
finance made simple

with Essence of Finance

What do you get?
Extra modules

Once you are done with the ‘Essence of Finance’ course there are 4 extra modules you can follow to delve even deeper into finance.

These modules are

  • Safeguarding people and assests
  • Getting started with goals and ratios
  • Investment decisions
  • Financials of a sales deal

Read more about the content of these modules below:

Are financials involved in safeguarding? Yes! It is the responsibility of the firm to arrange work in such a way that nobody is tempted to commit fraud, nor by lack of guidelines nor due to external criminals. This e-learning is especially important for professionals working in General Management, HR and IT!

This module will teach you who is allowed to do what in a company. How are organisations able to prevent fraud by employees and external criminals and how are valuables from companies safeguarded.

Safeguarding people and assets consists out of:

  • Internal control
    • Why learn about internal control?
    • How to safeguard
    • Who is allowed to do what?
    • Assets and Internal Control
    • Information security
    • Policies
  • Fraud
    • Phishing
    • CEO fraud
    • Employee fraud

Defining your own ratios to improve and realising your goals is the topic of this finance e-learning. Decide where you want to improve, how are you going to measure your progress and what actions you can take to realise your goals. No need to invent the wheel yourself, make the e-learning.

This module will teach you to define your own goals to strive for and what ratios are available to measure your progress. Actions are needed to improve. With this e-learning you can start monitoring your progress and be in control of your improvement process!

Getting started with Goals and Ratios consists out of:

  • Financial goals at my company
    • Recap of the financial goals
    • From general goals to my own
    • Exercise goal realization
  • Ratios
    • Improving
    • Activity ratios
    • Profitability ratios
    • Solvability ratios
    • Liquidity ratios
  • Group and personal ratios
    • Group ratios
    • Personal ratios

What do we try to achieve with investments? It seems a simple enough question but to answer it you have to understand the investment goals and how those goals are incorporated in calculations.

This bonus module will teach you how completely different projects, with different time periods, different risk profiles and investment amounts are evaluated financially to make a fair comparison. We discuss not only the calculations but especially the goals to strive for!

The Investment decisions module consists out of:

  • Investment goals, what to strive for
  • Investment metrics, how to calculate and evaluate using the
    • Payback period
    • Net present value
    • Internal rate of return

Why would you focus on the financials of a sales deal? It is only a small part of the package. True but, if you have it wrong, you will never close the deal! Lear what makes a financial approve your proposition.

This module will teach you to calculate and present the financial section of your sales proposition. The e-learning is based on the top-10 from the controller. What do they like and what are they allergic to. Apply the top-10 and you will close substantially more deals at a higher price!

Financials of a Sales Deal decisions consists out of:

  • How to convince the controller of your deal
  • Calculating a proposal
    • Calculations are correct
    • Have your basics strait
    • What to discuss
    • Deltas or totals
    • Penny foolish, pound wise
    • How to use scenarios
  • Presenting a proposal
    • Are there questions left?
    • Facts or assumptions
    • Hard and soft benefits
  • Summary (and something extra)
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  • The Essence of Finance
  • Safeguarding people and assets
  • Getting started with goals and ratios
  • Investment decisions
  • Financials of a sales deal

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the only thing you need is common sense. Of course it will help, if you have looked at financial overviews in the past.

After the purchase you will receive a login for the Expert Yourself website where the course is located. You can view the course on your computer, your laptop or IPad or even on your phone. Your progress will be saved.

You will receive access for 6 months. If you want, you can do the e-learning a second time within that time periode. This way you can see what you have learned and pick up on new topics.

No you cannot download the e-learning, but you can download the e-book ‘Financial management unravelled’ and the excel file with the top-100 financial terms explained and translated from the website

The time users spend on the e-learning differs based on the prior knowledge and speed of working. It therefore ranges between 10 and 15 hours.

Is something not working for you or do you have further questions? You can contact us at any time, we will respond quickly to your question and help you with explanations, screenshots or with video calling.

Are you still not satisfied? Let us know within 24 hours and you will receive a credit note and the amount refunded without question.

We have created 4 short (1 to 3 hours) financial e-learnings regarding specific topics:

  • Investment decisions
  • Safeguarding people and assets
  • Getting started with goals and ratio’s
  • The financials of a sales deal

We are happy to provide you with an offer for an open enrolment training or an in-company finance training. Send us an email if you would like to know more about this.

  • It is possible to purchase multiple credits at a reduced rate for organizations. This can also be combined with in-company trainings or webinars.

  • There is also a scorm version of this course (in Dutch and English) that can be incorporated into your own learning platform (such as an LMS).
    Company specific Scorm versions can be adapted to your logo and colour, including your financial overviews such as management- or annual reports.

  • Feel free to contact us to discuss all options.

Start using finance to your advantage!

Get to grips with finance once and for all in a way that it can actually help you realize your goals.


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